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The Problems of Iron in Well Water, Part 2

Water Treatment Systems Near Me in Mecklenburg County, NC

Iron may not be dangerous to the health of those that drink it in well water, but there are a number of damages caused by iron in well water. To continue our blog on iron problems in well water, it is important to note the presence of iron bacteria that live off the iron and leave behind iron waste deposits that cause unpleasant stains, tastes, and odors. There are several methods to control iron bacteria in well water, which include chemical treatment, pasteurization, and physical removal. The following are additional problems that come from too much iron in well water:


Iron in well water can show up in the form of stains on laundry, dishes, sinks, and tubs. Stains from iron are red, yellow, or brown and they are fairly difficult to remove.


Iron in water pipes and appliances can accumulate and clog dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers, wells, water pumps, and other similar appliances, which can result in expensive repairs.

Food & Beverages

Iron adds a harsh, metallic taste to water that goes into making coffee, tea, and other beverages made with iron-laden water. It also adds unpleasant darkness to beverages and vegetables cooked in well water.

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