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Do You Want to Be a Well Driller?

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The job of a water well driller is important because water well drillers help to find, drill for, and tap into a supply of clean water. In backwoods areas where there are no water systems and fresh water is required water well drilling is an absolute necessity. In addition to being able to use weighty equipment, well drillers must have good customer service skills since they communicate directly with their clients. If you enjoy working outdoors and are interested in using tools and implements for drilling, being a well driller may suit you.

The main functions of water well drillers are to operate and service drilling equipment to find water sources. They also need to have sufficient knowledge of geological formations to be able to locate clean and safe water sources. There are a number of safety procedures that must be followed when drilling to protect the groundwater source from contamination. They are also responsible for installing and servicing water pumps.

Water well drillers do more than just drill for water. They must also find the location and estimate the cost of constructing new wells, as well as completing well records and required reports. A water well driller may work for a construction company drilling holes for pilings or drilling test holes; they may also work on water purification systems and water pumping systems.

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The Impact of a Drought on Your Well

Many owners of wells wonder if drought conditions have a significant impact on the supply of groundwater for household water wells. While there is no definitive data on the effects of drought on water wells and pumps, dropping water levels have left some well pumps high and dry.

Changing weather patterns have prompted water levels to drop, so new wells tend to be deeper than wells drilled in past years. In rough conditions it is most important to conserve water till conditions have subsided.

You never want to try to deepen your well or remove a pump by yourself because you may seriously damage working parts or destabilize the hole and contaminate the water supply. All home and business well owners should hire the licensed professionals from Rowan Well Drilling for any kind of well repair in Cabarrus  NC. We also serve many satisfied customers throughout Rowan, Iredell, Gaston, Randolph, Davidson, Davie, Union, Catawba, and Montgomery counties.  If you keep your water well properly maintained you will fare better in the  performance and longevity of your system.

The Problems of Iron in Well Water, Part 2

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Iron may not be dangerous to the health of those that drink it in well water, but there are a number of damages caused by iron in well water. To continue our blog on iron problems in well water, it is important to note the presence of iron bacteria that live off the iron and leave behind iron waste deposits that cause unpleasant stains, tastes, and odors. There are several methods to control iron bacteria in well water, which include chemical treatment, pasteurization, and physical removal. The following are additional problems that come from too much iron in well water:


Iron in well water can show up in the form of stains on laundry, dishes, sinks, and tubs. Stains from iron are red, yellow, or brown and they are fairly difficult to remove.


Iron in water pipes and appliances can accumulate and clog dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers, wells, water pumps, and other similar appliances, which can result in expensive repairs.

Food & Beverages

Iron adds a harsh, metallic taste to water that goes into making coffee, tea, and other beverages made with iron-laden water. It also adds unpleasant darkness to beverages and vegetables cooked in well water.

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